Are you interested in the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON? As in all events from the Abbott World Marathon Majors series (AbbottWMM), registration is done via a lottery. 

The lottery for the BMW BERLIN MARATHON 2023 is closed. The winners were notified on 01.December 2022. 

You have not received an email? Log in to your account and if your entry status is "Fixed": Congratulations you are in ;)

Single Runners

 General information

  • Here you can register for the raffle as an individual runner.
  • It is necessary to create a user account with us first.
  • You will receive your raffle results in December 2022.
  • Please avoid multiple registrations: If you register as an individual runner, it is not possible to register as a team member!

Registration fee

  • € 163,-
  • Please enter your payment information in the registration form.
  • Your payment will only be debited after you have been allocated a starting place.
  • If you do not win a starting place, we will delete the deposited account details.


 General information

  • A team consists of 2-3 people.
  • If the team is drawn, all persons from the team are included.
  • Each team member is scored individually. There is no team ranking.
  • Should a team member not be able to run after the draw, this has no effect on the other persons in the team. Subsequent nominations are not possible.
  • Multiple registrations are not possible: If you register in a team and as an individual runner, your individual registration will be deleted!

 Team registration

  • All team members need a user account.
  • The first team member indicates during registration that it is a team registration and chooses a team name.
  • A TEAM-code will be sent with the registration confirmation e-mail.
  • The other team members can use these code to register.

Participation fee

  • participation fee € 163,- per person
  • Each team member enters his or her own bank account details when registering.
  • The participation fees will only be debited after a successful draw.
  • If your team has not been drawn, we will delete the bank account details.

Fast Runners

 General information

  • You can secure your starting place based on your best times!
  • It is necessary to create a user account with us first.
  • digitally add the proof of your best time to your registration form
  • After successful verification you will receive a confirmation in December 2022.
  • If your time is not sufficient, your registration will be entered into the draw.
  • participation fee € 163,-


  • Provide your proof in the form of an official certificate (digital) or links to a list of results in the registration form
  • Only marathon times will be accepted!
  • The race has to be AIMS certified, listed by the USA TF or part of the AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group World Rankings
  • The proof must not be older than 3 years (runned time in 2020).

Here is an overview of the qualifying times: 

  • Male runners up to 44 years (born 2005 to 1979): under 2:45 hours - Runners up to 59 years (born 1978 to 1964): under 2:55 hours - Runners 60 years and older (born 1963 and older): under 3:25 hours
  • Female runners up to 44 years (born 2005 to 1979): under 3:00 hours - Female runners up to 59 years (born 1978 to 1964): under 3:20 hours - Female runners over 60 years (born 1963 and older): under 4:10 hours

* subject to official approvals