The Jubilee Club


The BMW BERLIN-MARATHON is one of the world's most renowned sports events.
What makes this traditional event so exceptional is its participants. To show our support, respect and gratitude to the athletes who participate regularly, we created the Jubilee Club. The Jubilee Club unites all runners, wheelchair users and handbikers who have successfully completed the BERLIN-MARATHON ten times or more.
Membership in this exclusive club is free of charge and offers its community members numerous benefits.

What the Jubilee Club provides

  • As a member of the Jubilee Club, you don't have to take part in the lottery for a race entry at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. You are guaranteed a place every year!

  • Currently, the Jubilee Club has 5,522 members from 30 countries. The "front runner" is Wilfried Köhnke, who has finished 44 times, while Nina Sowinski leads the women with 33 finishes. The
    BMW BERLIN-MARATHON awards its anniversary runners with a special green race bib. This special race number is reserved for you for life. You can wear it over and over at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON, as well as at some other events organized by us (such as GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON, adidas Runners City Night). The green race number let the Jubilee members clearly stand out from the other participants and be quickly recognized by the spectators.
    The assignment of the Jubilee race numbers is determined according to the receipt of the applications. We ask for your understanding that personal preferences cannot be taken into consideration.  You can pick up your green race number at the special race bib issue for Jubilee members at the Jubilee counter at the MARATHON EXPO. Visit us in the Jubilee Lounge to get an additional race number for your back with your first name and the number of times you have competed (an honour only given to Jubilee members). 

  • All newly accepted Jubilee members will receive a special certificate and a green Jubilee shirt. In addition, we will issue you a membership card, which will give you access to the exclusive Jubilee Lounge during the MARATHON EXPO.

  • If you have participated in the BERLIN-MARATHON 20, 25, 30, 35 or 40 times, then you will receive a free race entry from us for the following year. The corresponding code will be
    sent to you automatically in January with a special anniversary certificate (please do not use the normal registration code).

  • The Jubilee Lounge consists of separate rooms on the grounds of the MARATHON EXPO within the framework of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. You will be granted access upon presentation of your Jubilee card. Simone and Martin will be there to welcome you and to answer any questions concerning the Jubilee Club. In addition, the Jubilee Lounge also serves as a get-together for the marathon scene, where the international Jubilee community can meet for snacks and drinks and conversation. The chill atmosphere is the perfect place to relax before the action starts on race Sunday. To help get you motivated, we will have a race number for your back with your first name and the number of BERLIN-MARATHON finishes waiting for you there. 


  The Jubilee membership does not mean that you don’t have to still go through the regular registration for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. In the middle of January 2021, we will send out a registration code for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2021 via e-mail.
If you have not received your code by the end of January, please send us a message to

How to become a member

Would you like to become a member of the Jubilee Club? It's very easy: Submit copies of the certificates from the races you successfully completed at the BERLIN-MARATHON.
Alternatively, you can also use excerpts from the results lists. It is important to provide proof of ten finished races, but you can already submit the documentation after you have finished your ninth BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. If you submit your application before July 31, 2021, when you cross the finish line for your tenth BMW BERLIN-MARATHON on September 26, 2021, you will be welcomed into the Jubilee Club. We will send you details for this ceremony beforehand.

If you are unable to attend the ceremony after finishing, you will receive your race number, certificate, membership card and Jubilee shirt by post.

Please send your copies and the registration form by July 31, 2021 to:

Anja Reisner
Olympic Park Berlin
14053 Berlin

Registration form: Download