The Jubilee-Club


What is the Jubilee-Club?

The Jubilee-Club of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON unites all runners and wheelchair users who have successfully completed the BERLIN-MARATHON ten times or more. The membership is for free.

Important Information at on Glace

  • It is necessary to hand in the copies of all your BERLIN-MARATHON certificates, or alternatively excerpts of the lists of participants. It is important that you can prove the participation in 10 BERLIN-MARATHON races which you have fully completed.

    Unfortunately, due to changing computer programs, it is not possible to register for the Jubilee-Club at the push of the button. Out of your own interest you should send in your documents after the successful completion of your 9. BERLIN-MARATHON race. The latest date to accept your documents this year will be July 31, 2020. If you are in time with your registration you will be honored in the finish area after your 10th  BERLIN-MARATHON race. When and where – we will let you know in September..

    Please send in your copies before July 31, 2020:

    Constanze Feistkorn
    Olympiapark Berlin
    14053 Berlin


    Registration from: Download

  • Currently the Jubilee-Club numbers 5,398 members (thereof 601 women and 28 wheelchair users) from 23 countries. The leading member is Wilfried Köhnke with 44 participations, in the women’s list it is Nina Sowinski who leads with 33 participations. The BMW BERLIN-MARATHON allocates a special green bib number to his Jubilee-participants when they decide to take place in a BMW BERLIN-MARATHON race (Men from no. 201, women from no. F101). The allocated bib numbers of our Jubilee-members will last for a life time and are valid for all races organized by SCC EVENTS (for example for the  BERLIN HALFMARATHON etc.) This bib number is green, so that it is easy to distinguish the Jubilee-members from other participants and that they can be recognized easily by the audience. The allocation of the Jubilee-numbers is done by us and takes place after we receive the applications. Unfortunately it is not possible to pick a personal start number.

    Furthermore we will hand out an extra bib number for your back with your name and the number of your completed BERLIN-MARATHON races at the Jubilee-booth at the MARATHON EXPO.  All new Jubilee-members will receive a special certificate and the green Jubilee-T-Shirt. The membership does not mean that the members do not have to register for the BERLIN-MARATHON races anymore when they want to participate. You will get an email with your personal code for the registration of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2020 mid January, 2020. If you did not receive your code until the end of January, please contact

  • Who participated the 20th, 25th, 30th or 35th time will receive a free start for the following year. The free start will be send to with a special certificate in January.

  • At the Jubilee-Club booth, at the MARATHON EXPO, Simone und Martin Knab and several other helpers are awaiting you to provide you with further information and to exchange experiences.

    Best regards from your SCC EVENTS TEAM

    Simone und Martin Knab (Ressort-Manager Jubilee-Club)
    Constanze Feistkorn (Participant-Management/Jubilee-Club)

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Jubilee-Club members after the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2019




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