Our charities offer secure entries in conjunction with raising money for a good cause


  • There is an angel in every marathon runner!

     Many are now running for goals greater than their personal achievements like mastering the supreme discipline of running, beating personal best times or participating in special marathons around the world. If you want to add an even greater positive impulse to the intensive training, join them and collect donations for a good cause.

     Whenever a motivational boost is needed in training or at kilometre 30 in a race, you can recall the happy faces of the "recipients" of your efforts and be reassured that you are not just running for yourself.

    The ever-growing number of charity runners also offers a unique community feeling: before, during and after the marathon.


  • The selection of projects from our official charity partners is diverse.

    Our charity partner Realbuzz unites more than 80 charity organisations on its platform, which implement great projects in various fields worldwide: Among them are countless cancer charities, organisations for clean water, for animal welfare, as well as charities that care for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's patients and the handicapped, or support school kids in Berlin.

    In addition, we work together with individual charity organisations whose fields of activity are just as diverse.

    Every charity runner will find his or her project here: whether it's promoting children's health in southern Africa or working for children with congenital heart defects. You can help far or near: Support projects that help African grandmothers care for their grandchildren orphaned by AIDS or simply help alleviate child poverty in Berlin.

    Your help is just a step away and you are not alone!


    1. Take your time to select your project. Use the portal of the official charity partners of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON below.
    2. Mobilize your community to help you collect the donations. For example, this can be as simple as organising a fundraising run at school, like events many parents and grandparents are already familiar with. When many give a little to a project, one runner can make a real difference....
    3. Secure your race entry for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2022 through our charity partners.
    4. Get support for your personal fundraising project from our charity partners.

Get your BMW BERLIN-MARATHON charity entry here.

Run for a cause and make a difference for others by entering through our Official Charity Partner, Realbuzz. You’ll secure a guaranteed entry to the prestigious BMW BERLIN-MARATHON- even when public entries are sold out! You can choose to support any of the amazing global Realbuzz Charity Partners.

Make your marathon experience even more incredible. Register your interest for a Realbuzz Charity Place here.

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