Material efficiency

Conserve resources

Material efficiency and waste prevention only work hand in hand—by saving new raw materials, conserving resources and thus avoiding or reducing unnecessary CO2 emissions. In all our processes, we scrutinise our actions and the products we use and evaluate how well we are protecting the environment.

The event and finisher magazine for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON have been produced only digitally for some time now. This saves us paper and eliminates the need for mailing.

With the refill stations, we make it possible for runners to use their own hydration systems (backpack, vest or hip belt with bottles). These can be filled before the race and at the aid stations.

We also are testing different reusable cup concepts at our events in order to save materials in the long term.

Your contribution:

Good equipment and high-quality running gear are not only motivating, but they also help to prevent injuries.
For example, multiple pairs of running shoes are always recommended for higher training volumes.

Whether the third sports watch or the fifth pair of running shoes are really necessary is something everyone should consider for themselves in terms of sustainability.

On race day, you can throw on your worn-out but clean running and training clothes as a warming layer and drop them off in the starting area. Together with the charity Stadtmission Berlin, we will make sure that these clothes get to where they are urgently needed.

For the first time, you can also donate your worn-out running shoes at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON: We will collect clean and intact training shoes at the GREEN LINE Expo stand and pass them on to Stadtmission Berlin.

re now paying close attention to sustainability in their production and supply chains.