Waste reduction and disposal

Reduce & recycle waste

Avoiding waste at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON is one of our most important goals in terms of environmental protection.
Similarly, where waste reduction is difficult to implement, we try to use raw materials that remain in the cycle.

At the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON, we are in close contact with our service providers and suppliers in this regard: For example, the ponchos, which used to be individually packaged, are now delivered in packs of 100.
One example of recycling and conserving resources is the baling press: The used warming foils are pressed into bales in the post-destination area and returned to the manufacturer.

New heat foils are produced again from the recovered raw material.

Your contribution:
Recycling only works with the support of all participants at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON.

Please separate your waste properly, as this is the only way we can return them to the raw material circles. And be sure to return the used warming foils to the numerous recycling helpers. This is the only way to turn them into foil again.