Beverages, energy boosts, refreshments for best performances

Along the course and at the finish, we are providing various drinks and fast energy boosts at refreshment points to support your performance.

 Learn more about the ingredients of the products and their contributions to your body.

Along the marathon course

Water, energy and no loss of time!

Refreshment points at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON


 You will find refreshment points at km 9, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 36 with fruit, tea and water. 

 We offer water-only refreshment points at km 5, 12, 17.5, 22.5, 27.5, 32.5, 34.5, 38 and 40.


Help to keep the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON more eco-friendly!


Lichtenauer Mineralwasser

  You'll find the Lichtenauer Cheeringpoint at Olivaer Platz after passing kilometer 33.

  After completing the race runners will find a 0.5-liter bottle of Lichtenauer Mineralwasser Pur in their finishing bags.

Lichtenauer Mineralwasser Pur refreshes as natural mineral water without carbonization. Its mineralization is soft and harmonic by nature and provides the unique milde taste of Lichtenauer Mineralwasser. Being non-carbonated the type “Pur” is beneficial for the digestive system – especially for runners. The Lichtenauer mineral water comes from well-protected deep underground springs in the Erzgebirge Basin in the German country of Saxony.

All products of Lichtenauer Mineralwasser are climate neutral. The product carbon footprint covers the complete life cycle of a product, including raw materials, production, packaging, the emissions from the use phase, transport and end-of-life of the product.

 You can find more information about the Lichtenauer Mineralwasser here.


 Refreshment points at km 5, 12, 17.5, 22.5, 27, 27.5, 32.5, 34.5, 38 and 40. 

You probably know that you burn carbohydrates when you run – both in training and during the race. And how hard it can be getting the fueling right, without GI-distress.  

Our Hydrogel Technology makes sure you get enough carbohydrates without risking the session or race. Our range of products are trusted by the numerous World record holders and ambitious runners. They played a central role in Eliud Kipchoges World Record 2018 and have been used by virtually all major marathon wins since 2017. But there are no shortcuts, no matter if you’re finishing a marathon under two hours or north of five – science has shown that training your guts makes a huge difference.  
Along the course you’ll get access to the record-breaking technology at all aid stations.

– DRINK MIX 160 will be served at km 9, 15, 20, 25, 30, 36 and at the finish. 
– GEL 100 will be available at km 27.5.
Here are some exclusive BMW BERLIN-MARATHON packs to get you started and make sure you have a solid fueling strategy for the race. 


So, get used to it. 

Refreshments at the finish

For optimal regeneration after your finish

Refreshments at the finish for marathon finishers

Refreshments and and food for all marathon finishers

At the finish we provide apples, bananas, salted pretzels and chocolate rolls.

There will be tea and water provided at the refreshment stations.

ERDINGER Alkoholfrei

ERDINGER Alkoholfrei - The sporty thirst-quencher

Whether as a reward for hard work, or a pure desire for full-bodied refreshment – ERDINGER Alkoholfrei is the lively way to quench your thirst. Spicy malt notes with slightly sweet nuances and finely sparkling carbonic acid make it a refreshing delight. Brewed using only natural ingredients in accordance with the Bavarian Purity Law.*

Erdinger Alkoholfrei at a glance:

  • supports the regeneration process
  • only 25 kcal per 100 ml
  • isotonic and containing vitamins (B9, B12)

*A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.

 You can find more information about the ERDINGER Alkohiolfrei here.