Anja looks back on 2023

Hello dear Jubilee members,

Woohoo!  An entire year is coming to an end, which gave us another very successful BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2023. We saw a new world record for the women, a German record for the men, and you were right there in the middle of it all. The Jubilee Club also had a "record" to report. The Jubilee Club Lounge at the EXPO was better attended than ever before!!! Whether you came to pick up your green race number for your back (which for the first time showed the number of races you completed rather than the number of times you participated), to enjoy a cup of coffee, cake or a refreshing cold drink, to have a chat with fellow athletes or to buy a small souvenir ... you all kept Simone, Martin and Thomas busy as they fulfilled their roles as department heads. Together with their loyal and well-rehearsed team of volunteers, they mastered every situation and challenge with ease and always had an open ear for all guests and their concerns. No one was bothered too much that the coffee pot was already empty by midday on Saturday, that the ERDINGER non-alcoholic beer was only served on a "rationed" basis from Saturday onwards or that every last crumb of the cake was quickly consumed. ;)

The Jubilee Club would like to thank everyone for the many visitors, the great interest and the openness for discussions and contacts ... which is also the reason behind offering the Jubilee Lounge at the EXPO of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON.

And we are learning…the shopping list for 2024 has already been upgraded ;)

The Jubilee Club invited to “Meet the Legends”

Total number of Jubilee Club members in 2023

Another highlight of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2023 was the second edition of the Jubilee Club delegation at Meet the Legends. It was particularly exciting this year, because not only was it my first time, but I also got to be right in the middle of it and was able to get an unforgettable impression of the atmosphere when I was (supposed to be ;-) leading my "troupe" onto the stage ... awwwwwesome atmosphere.
But for me, the best thing was that I was able to meet some of my "protégés" in person again and exchange a few words with them. I would therefore like to thank you, dear Jubilee Delegation 2023, for joining in the fun and supporting me and honourably representing the Jubilee Club.
I would have loved to be able to show you a nice group photo here, but there isn't one! The work assignment for 2024 will be much clearer, I promise!

So, all I can show you is an impression "from behind" and while "marching" onto the stage through the flag trellis.

Our newbiew and their big day

On the Saturday of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Inline Skating Marathon, the Jubilee Club welcomed a total of 23 new Jubilee Club members from the "Inline Skating" event. As in previous years, the event took place in the VIP tent. Thomas Köppe (head of the inline skating department) led the ceremony as usual, but was accompanied and supported by his lovely wife Elke for the first time this year.

On Sunday, there were 130 new runners who were warmly welcomed and congratulated by Simone and Martin Knab onto the big Jubilee stage in front of the Reichstag. There was another fabulous team of volunteers working out of the spotlight, who were essential in making the ceremony such a success.
My THANKS and a big hug go to everyone involved!!!

Number of new admissions to the Jubilee Club 2023


Fun facts about the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2023:

  • 7.5 tonnes of medals were hung around the necks of all finishers at the finish. Since 1974, a total of 103 tonnes of medal have been handed out
  • 7,500 volunteers were on duty.
  • 33.46% of all participants were women ... and the trend is rising!
  • One million drinking cups were used along the route. Of these, 900,000 were made from recycled PET and 100,000 from renewable and reusable raw materials.
  • 250 litres of massage oil were applied to tired running legs.
  • 272,000 safety pins held all start numbers to the shirts of our runners
  • Top three nations represented: Germany (21,291), USA (8,026), Great Britain (3,319)

Guinness World Records of a "different kind" at the 49. BMW BERLIN-MARATHON!

  • Fastest Ninja
  • Fastest mummy
  • Fastest handcuffed couple chained together
  • Fastest Christmas biscuit
  • Fastest marathon with a lawyer's robe
  • Fastest female hospital patient
  • Fastest Morris Dancer (English folk dance)

Why is a marathon exactly 42.195 kilometres long?

In 1908, the Olympic Games were held in London. In order for the race to start in front of Windsor Castle and finish in the newly built Olympic Stadium, the previous 25-mile (40.234 km) route had to be extended. And an additional 385 yards (352 metres) were needed so that the finish line in the stadium was directly in front of the royal box. The distance was therefore exactly 42.195 kilometres. However, this was not defined as the official distance for a marathon until it was established by the International Association of Athletics Federations in 1921.

 Do you believe this is a true story? Post a comment on Facebook.

Strange Statistics

  • A runner is more likely to win a race wearing red than any other colour - crazy, right?
  • The majority of Germans prefer to run in the woods. Running on a treadmill in the gym, on the other hand, is unpopular.
  • Running alone is more relaxing than running in a group.
  • During the Great Wall Marathon in China, runners have to climb 5,164 steps.
  • Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, can reach a speed of around 44.72 km/h.
  • The marathon world record for running backwards is 3:25 hours.

Did you know…?

  • Runners take around 35,000 steps during a marathon.
  • Over 1 billion running shoes are sold in the world every year. That means every 8th person buys a pair of running shoes every year! With a strong upward trend.
  • The human body needs around 200 muscles to take one step.
  • Music can increase running performance by up to 15%.
  • The favourite food during a marathon is a banana.
  • Regular running improves bone stability in the long term. Researchers at the University of Michigan came to the conclusion that just 12 to 20 minutes of running training (three times a week) increases bone mineral density.
  • The first participation of a woman in a marathon with an official start number took place in 1967 at the Boston Marathon.

Youngest vs. oldest Marathon Finisher of the World:

The oldest marathon finisher in the world is a British-Indian runner. He completed a marathon at 100 years old (8:25:16) in 2011. He started running at the age of 89. At age 92 and with a time of 7:24:36, an American holds this record for the women.

The youngest marathon runner in the world is from India. He had already completed 48 marathons before he reached age five.

Running makes you...

...more attractive!
Not just due to calorie burning, muscle building and so on: regular exercise in the fresh air makes you feel great about yourself. This boosts your self-confidence and promotes your positive charisma.

In fact, regular running promotes the production of new nerve cells and blood cells, which in turn leads to an increase in your brain volume. This not only makes you smarter, but also protects you from dementia in the long term.

...more creative!
Intelligence boosts the ability to build bridges. An important factor in the development of creativity. So if you want to get into your creative process, you should go for a run.

...more motivated!
Running neutralises stress hormones, providing you with fresh energy and clearing your head. This mobilises new inner strength, giving you more motivation for everyday tasks.

„Yes, you can!“ 

With sensible training and the right attitude, anyone can run a marathon.

I am already looking forward to the 50th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON, and I wish you all the best and stay healthy!!! See you for the big anniversary in 2024!

Your Jubilee Club, Anja