Important Information at one Glance


  • The BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2023 will take place on September 23rd, 2023 for skaters and on September 24th, 2023 for runners, handbike and wheelchair competitors.

  • Race entries for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2023 have been allocated in a lottery. A registration is no longer possible at this time. There is also neither a move-up procedure nor the possibility of a participants name exchange.

  • Numerical errors and spelling mistakes can only be corrected by us. Please contact us via our contact form and we will work on it diligently. Please note: A complete change of name (participant exchange) is not possible! 

    Your address has changed? You can edit this yourself in your user account under "My account".

  • From the adidas Event-Shirt to medal engraving, you can book (almost) all extras and services via your user account under "My registrations > 2023 > BMW BERLIN-MARATHON".

    The only exception is insurance, which can only be booked directly at the time of registration. 

  • This option is available to those participants who have received an access code from us because they have participated in one of our promotions or accepted our goodwill offer.

  • Booking

    The cancellation insurance is handled by the product "GENERALI Startplatzrücktrittsversicherung" of "Europ Assistance SA, Niederlassung für Deutschland. It is an insurance to cover the participation fee that you have paid with regular registration. Booked additional services are excluded from the insurance. This insurance can only be booked during registration. 


    If booked, it can be claimed in your user account. Find your BMW BERLIN-MARATHON registration under "My registrations". Read the conditions under the button "Options to cancellation". As soon as you make the decision, you will receive an automatic cancellation confirmation, which has to be forwarded to the insurance company.

Race Material

  • You can get your race kit at the MARATHON EXPO.

    The opening hours are:
    Thursday, September 21, 2023: 3 pm – 8 pm,
    Friday, September 22, 2023: 11 am – 8 pm,
    Saturday, September 23, 2023: 9 am – 7 pm

  • U-Bahn: Line U6 to U-Bhf Platz der Luftbrücke
    Bus: Line 104 / 248 to Platz der Luftbrücke
    S-Bahn: Line S41 / S42 / S45 / S46 / S47 to S-Bhf Tempelhof around 15 min walk from there

  • You need your start card and a photo document (identity card, passport or driver’s licence).

    You have received your start card after September 7th, by e-mail and you can also find it in your user account for download.

    Please note, the race material pick-up is possible only in person.

    • your bib number,
    • your athlete wristband, which is your access authorisation to the start area on race day,
    • safety pins,
    • a participant bag with goodies from our partners

    Optional, if booked with your registration

    • a clothing bag and label (only if you selected clothing drop-off when registering),
    • and a rental chip (if you did not list your own when registering)

  • No! The pick up of the race material by another person is not possible, not even with a power of attorney! It is also not possible to send you the material.
    In the process of the race material pick up we also put on your athletes wristband, which is, together with your bib number, required to be allowed to enter the Start/Finish area. This will ensure that only registered participants take part in the BMW BERLIN MARATHON 2023.

    Please remove your athletes wristband after you have left the finish area on race day.

  • You can pick up all pre-booked items from the event collection together with your race material at the MARATHON EXPO 2023. The additional services you have booked will be displayed on a tear-off on your race number.


Event Day

  • The nearest public transport stops are:
    Underground: Friedrichstrasse or Unter den Linden (U6), Brandenburg Gate or Bundestag (U5), Potsdamer Platz (U2).
    S-Bahn: Central Station or Friedrichstrasse (S3, S5, S7, S75), Brandenburg Gate or Friedrichstrasse (S1, S2, S25)
    Regional train: Hauptbahnhof (Central Station)

    For current timetables and further information, please visit: www.s-bahn-berlin.de or www.bvg.de



  • Yes, and not just on race day, but for full 4 days. From September 21 (00:01 am) to September 25 (3:00 am), public transport (in fare zones ABC) can be used free of charge by all participants. You will receive your ticket with your start pass from us by e-mail. In addition, your start number is valid as a ticket.

  • The start is on the Straße des 17. Juni at the height of Bellevueallee.

    See Event Area Map here >>


  • The starting times for the different events can be found here*:

    Skater Saturday: 3:30 pm
    Handbiker and Wheelchiar competitors Sunday:
    08:50 am Elite
    08:56 am Wheelchair competitors
    08:59 am Handbikers

    09:15 am Blocks A-B-C-D
    09:35 am Blocks E-F
    10:05 am Blocks G-H
    10:30 am Blocks J-K

     Please arrive at the event site early, i.e., at least one hour before the start, so that you can get to the starting line stress-free. 

    * Starting times subject to change

  • The following things should not be missing:

    • your personal bib number - attached clearly visible to your chest
    • your athlete wristband
    • ChampionChip for timekeeping - securely fastened to your shoe or skate

    If you are a skater, wheelchair athletes or hand cyclist, you must also bring

    • your helmet

  • The ChampionChip will still be used for timing at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2023. Please remember to bring your own ChampionChip if you specified it during registration.

  • Please attach the chip securely (without metal) to your shoe or skate. Do not wear it higher than your knees, i.e., not in your trouser pocket or as a pendant, as then your time cannot be measured.
    Participants with wheelchairs or handcycles please use the special bike chip and attach it to the front fork near the axle.

  • Clothing drop-off is only possible for those participants who selected “clothing drop-off” when registering and who have received a clothing bag and label with their race number at the race material pick-up. All others will receive a warm poncho at the finish.

  • You can drop off all of your personal belongings as long as they are not on the prohibited items list. In addition, no bags, backpacks or pouches can be brought into the start/finish area. 
    Avoid bringing valuables; we are not liable for losses.

  • If you booked a poncho when registering for the race, you will receive it after you cross the finish line. The poncho symbol will be at the distribution points and on your bib number. Please note that if you registered for the poncho you are not allowed to hand in your clothing.

  • The letter on your race number corresponds to the starting block (A-K) that is designated for you.

  • The division is based on your best or target marathon time, which you entered when registering. You can change it in your user account under “My registrations”, until September, 19th, 2023 We only accept finisher times from official marathons or half marathons. For marathon times faster than 3:15:01 and half marathon times under 1:35:01, official proof from the last three years must be provided. It will not be possible to change your starting block at the EXPO. 

    Further information about starting blocks and best times can be found here >>

  • No, the start/finish area is only accessible to officially registered participants. 
    To cheer you on from the first meters, your loved ones can use the grandstand directly behind the start. There are also grandstands directly in front of the finish line.

On the Course

  • -Any support vehicles (cars, e-scooters, bicycles and motorcycles).
    -Strollers of any kind
    -Roller skates, inline skates, skateboards or other rolling devices are not allowed in the race of the runners

    Please note: The international federation World Athletics prohibits the wearing of headphones during running competitions.

  • Refreshment points with water, tea, isotonic drinks and fruit are set up at regular intervals and in sufficient numbers. There is also a supply point with gel from Maurten. You can find the exact locations on the route map.

    Water Km: 5-12-17,5-22,5-27.5-32,5-34,5-38 and 40
    Fruits, tea and water Km: 9, 15, 20,25, 30 and 36
    Maurten Drink Mix 160 Km: 9, 15, 20, 25 30, 36
    Maurten Gel 100 Km: 27, 5


  • If you wish, we can bring your own drinks to the individual aid stations. For this purpose, your container (no glass!) marked with your name, race number and refreshment point must be handed in to the “self-catering” stand (Annemarie-Renger-Str. / Otto-von-Bismarck-Allee) by 7:45 am on Sunday at the latest. 

  • There are also porta potties at the end of each aid station.

  • The medical team, cycling doctors, medical aid organisations and patrols of the Berlin fire brigade will be there for you in the start/finish area and 
    on the course to provide first aid. Don’t be afraid to talk to our staff if you have any issues or pain. This also applies if you notice emergencies among other participants.

  • The time limit is 6:15 hours from when you cross the starting line. Participants who have not reached KM 33 by 3:50 KM or KM 38 by 16:35 will have to leave the official course and continue running on the pavement or will be driven to the finish in the broom bus. Please note that you will not receive a medal, support/refreshments at the finish or an official time.

After the finish line

  • Please return your chip on the day of the event. The chip return points are located at all exits of the event site until approx. 5:30 pm. You can identify them by flags with a chip symbol.

  • There will be an engraving stand in Scheidemannstrasse (outside the event area) where you can have your medal personalised. You are welcome to book this service in advance via your user account. This will be noted on your race number. The engraving must be done on the day of the event.
    For 12 euros, you can also get the service directly at the stand.

  • Your certificate will be available for you to download from the results list shortly after you cross the finish line. No printed certificates will be issued on site. After a comprehensive results check, your results and certificate will be official approximately eight weeks after the event.

  • Changing areas and shower facilities are available in sufficient numbers in the finish area.

  • Students at physiotherapy centres offer free massages at the finish zone to loosen up your muscles. You are welcome to use this service, but please remember that other participants also want to enjoy the “helping hands” too.

  • Tea, water, ERDINGER non-alcoholic and isotonic drinks as well as fruit (apples, bananas) are available for all finishers in the finish area. You will also receive a finisher bag with some fruit and goodies to reward you after the race and help you recover.

  • There is a family meeting point in front of the Paul Löbe House with signs with the letters A-Z. Arrange to meet your relatives there after your race.

Relatives, friends and interested parties

  • The race will be broadcast on Sunday from 9 am to noon by Eurosport 1 ans from noon to 2:30 pm by RBB.

  • The start/finish area is only accessible to officially registered participants. 

  • Shortly after the start as well as before the finish, grandstands with standing room are set up on both sides. These are accessible to everyone free of charge.