SCC EVENTS environmental statement

Endurance sports interact with the environment. Protecting the environment and minimising our impact on it is not only consistent with our ideals and is important to us, it is also a matter of the heart. We are therefore leading by example in event management. Environmental protection is not a burden, but rather a duty for everyone, but it is sometimes easier to implement than you might think.

In 2018, we decided to introduce a management system that would implement existing and future environmental protection measures both internally and externally. We selected the environmental management system EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme). The independent third party certification according to EMAS ensures that all environmental aspects from energy consumption to waste and emissions are implemented in a legally secure and transparent manner.

The first period of the certification (2019-2020) was funded by the Berlin Programme for Sustainable Development (BENE) with funds from the European Fund for Regional Development and the State of Berlin (funding code 1255-B3-B). The current certification period (until 2022) covers the “BMW BERLIN-MARATHON” as well as the SCC Office.