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11,142 women and girls make a new record at the AVON RUNNING Berlin Women’s Run

Once again, there was a new record number of participants at the 21st AVON

RUNNING Berlin Women’s Run. At the largest women’s fitness event in

Germany, 11,142 women and girls took to the start on Saturday afternoon in the

Tiergarten Park. For the third time, Kathrin Weßel (SCC) won the 10k

race. The Berliner ran a time of 33:51 minutes. The most prominent participant

was Barbara Richstein. In a time of 51:35, the Minister for Justice and

European Concerns from Brandenburg ran a quick time.

"We can be very satisfied with the event and are happy about the new

record number of participants, despite the relatively cool weather. I am also

pleased that with Kathrin Weßel winning, a Berliner runner from SCC

won," said Mark Milde, the Race Director of the event organiser SCC

RUNNING. There was a large supporting programme in the Tiergarten Park for the


"We are thrilled about the new increase in participation and look

optimistically forward to next year, when we hope to have 12,000

runners,“ said Werner Köller, the marketing manager of the main

sponsor, AVON, and added: "I would like to thank SCC RUNNING for the

excellent organisation. The cooperation with the sponsors also was


Kathrin Weßel already dropped her competition at the 2k point and ran

a lonesome race at the front. It was the 6th start at the AVON RUNNING Berlin

Women’s Run for the German 10,000m-record-holder. And at the end, it was

her third victory, after winning in 2000 and 2002. ”I had enough of a

lead that I could enjoy the race at the end. Like last year, the atmosphere was

great,“ declared the winner.

Claudia Dreher (Gänsefurther Sportbewegung) was also thrilled, even

though she had hoped for more than the second place in 34:23, „The

atmosphere was excellent, especially at the last 1000 metres. Everything fit

perfectly at this race—the organisation, the atmosphere, and the

participation,” said Dreher, who was 9th in the marathon World

Championships in 1999.

The record number of participants is as follows::

10-km-Race: 4,380 5-km-Race: 3,419 5-km-Race (Schoolgirls): 2,521 Walking

und Nordic Walking: 308 Bambini Run: 514

Total: 11,142 (last year: 10,528)

Fun was the main goal of the 5k race, not competition. The fastest runner

was Angelika Ehebrecht (Potsdamer LC) in 19:15 minutes. For the walkers, Karen

Böhme (LG Nord) covered the 10k distance in 60:52 minutes. The fastest

AVON consultant in the 10k race was Claudia Chromy in 48:01 minutes.

Results, 10 k:

1. Kathrin Weßel (SCC Berlin) 33:51 minutes 2. Claudia Dreher

(Gänsefurther SB) 34:23 3. Judith Heinze (Bayer Leverkusen) 34:46 4.

Angela Hänsel (LG Nike Berlin) 37:57 5. Rosemarie Kössler (SCC

Berlin) 38:01 6. Sylvana Stupka (LAC Berlin) 38:28