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28,033 runners crossed the finish of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON

The cooperation with the police ran perfectly, there were no serious medical

emergencies, and Felix Limo thrilled the crowds a second time at the after-race


Well prepared

The participants of the 31st real,- BERLIN MARATHON were well prepared.

Of 28,681 runners who started on Sunday, 28,033 reached the

finish. That means a 97.74 % finisher rate. It was even higher for the

inline skaters on Saturday, with a 98.10 % success rate. Of 6,223 skaters,

6,105 reached the finish at the Brandenburg Gate.

Better informed and better prepared

“The runners are better informed and better prepared than in earlier

years,“ explained Dr. Willi Heepe, the medical director of the real,-


First aid was administered 1,185 times on Sunday, including minor treatments

like handing out band-aids. The only major problem on Sunday involved a runner

(born in 1928) who collapsed at kilometre 38. He was taken care of immediately

and was never in a life-threatening situation.

Excellent cooperation with the police

The cooperation with the police was just as excellent as with the sport

medicine services. The Berlin police did a job like never before in keeping the

course free of hindrances. “We would like to express our thanks for the

fantastic joint work with the police. I am very happy with the entire course of

the event,” declared race director Mark Milde.


His father, Horst, who passed on the position of race director to Mark at the

beginning of the year, commented on the organisation: “I am still helping

out where I can in the background. The transition to the new race director went

perfectly – but who can really talk of a transition? Everything is going

on just as earlier, except that the positions were quasi switched.”

The managing director of SCC RUNNING, Rüdiger Otto, joked:

“MOMA is still in Berlin – Marathon Ohne (without) Milde


Felix Limo with astounding dance moves - Shibui too


the="" berlin="" marathon="" took="" place="" in="" the="" not-yet-opened=""

subway="" station="" shortly="" after="" p.m.="" the="" champions="" were=""

presented="" on="" stage="" amidst="" the="" cheers="" of="" the="" thousands=

"" of="" party="" guests.="" />

While Felix Limo thrilled the crowds with astounding dance moves, Yoko Shibui

kept off the dance floor. “I was simply too tired,” explained the

women’s champion, while Felix Limo almost left the impression that he had

kept back his reserves during the race to save some for the party.