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AVON RUNNING Berlin Women’s Race: Record number of up to 12,000 women runners expected

The 22nd edition of the AVON RUNNING Berlin Women’s Run will take

place this coming Saturday in the Tiergarten park with a record number

of as many as 12,000 participants. The event will start at 3:15 p.m. on

the boulevard Straße des 17. Juni. The athletic highlight will be the

10 k race, when at 6 p.m. the German top female runners, Sabrina

Mockenhaupt (LG Sieg) and Claudia Dreher (Gänsefurth Sport Movement)

will face one another. The development of the AVON RUNNING Berlin

Women’s Run is outstanding. Just four years ago there were only half as

many contestants as there are today, and in 1997 there were only 2,000

women and girls participating.

With the new record number of participants, the AVON RUNNING Berlin

Women’s Run is the largest event in the international AVON running and

walking series. A total of 65,824 women and girls have participated in

all of the 21 editions of the Berlin race. That will mean that the

75,000th participant in the Tiergarten will be present this time. 

It happens to be the 44-year-old Berlin physiotherapist Elisabeth


There is a choice of two distances being offered on Saturday - 5 and 10

k - which can be run, walked or Nordic walked. There will also be over

2,000 schoolgirls participating in the 5 k race. The programme is

rounded out with an approx. 800 m Bambini run for children born in 1995

and later. Boys are allowed to participate in the Bambini run as well.

It is well worth it for all girls and women to participate in the AVON

RUNNING Berlin Women’s Run. All participants will receive a medal, a

certificate, and gifts from AVON as well as an event t-shirt from

adidas. (The girls registered through the schools will not receive a


Late registration for Germany’s largest women’s race is still possible.

Whoever would still like to participate can register on Thursday or

Friday at Karstadt Sport in Joachimstaler Strasse 5 – 6. In addition,

one can still register starting at 2 p.m. on the day of the event

on-site on the Straße des 17. Juni. Registration for children for the

bambini run on Saturday will also be located in the extended starting


With Sabrina Mockenhaupt and Claudia Dreher, there will be two top

German runners competing in the 10 k race who have already qualified

for the World Championships in August in Helsinki. Melanie Krauss

(Bayer Leverkusen) will also be participating. 24-year-old Sabrina

Mockenhaupt, who will compete in the 10,000 m race at the World

Championships, is the favourite on Saturday over the marathon

specialist Claudia Dreher. But the 34-year-old, who came in second last

year at the AVON RUNNING Berlin Women’s Run and who will compete in the

42,195 km race in Helsinki, has recently demonstrated that she is

stronger than ever before. “This race was thrilling. Everything fits

perfectly at this race—the organisation, the atmosphere, and the

participation. The focus is on women, and you feel like you are on par

with everyone”, said Claudia Dreher after her race in Berlin in 2004.

The STARTING TIMES at the AVON RUNNING Berlin Women’s Run

3:15 p.m.    10-km Walking and Nordic Walking

3:20 p.m.    Bambini Run

4:15 p.m.    5-km Run with timekeeping

4:20 p.m.    5-km Run without timekeeping

4:25 p.m.     5-km Walking and Nordic Walking

6:00 p.m.    10-km Run


10 km:

4,148 Runners

586 Walkers and Nordic Walkers

5 km:

2,891 Runners, Walkers, and Nordic Walkers


2,000 School Girls

Bambini Run:     

500 Children


10,125 Women and girls

The photo agency Camera 4 offers current photo material on the AVON

RUNNING Berlin Women’s Run with Sabrina Mockenhaupt. Tel: + 49 - 30 –

823 00 22

Further information is available from SCC RUNNING at tel: + 49 - 30 – 3012 8810 or online at: