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Distance Running and the AIMS Races Worldwide

AIMS (Association of

International Marathon and Road Races) and the IAAF publish the trade magazine

"Distance Running" three times a year (circulation 400,000 per

issue), in which the races of the member organisations are listed. In the

newest issue, January/April 2003, the dates for 120 races in 25 countries are

listed for the period until April 2004.

On 78 colourful pages, the largest races in the world also advertise for

their events. The real,- BERLIN-MARATHON and the Bewag BERLIN HALF MARATHON are

represented with their ads, as well.

Results of races around the world, the world rankings for the 10 km, half

marathon, and marathon are also included, as well as the addresses, telephone

and fax numbers, email addresses, websites, and contact information for the

individual races.

Distance Running will be distributed (limited) at the 23rd Bewag BERLIN HALF

MARATHON to the participants. It is also possible to order a subscription to

the trade magazine.

The magazine is produced in Glasgow, Scotland - published by Hugh Jones, the

General Secretary of AIMS (London).