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„Distance Running“ and the AIMS-Races worldwide

AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Road Races), the association

of the largest running events in the world and the IAAF ( International

Association of Athletic Federations) publish the trade magazine „DISTANCE

RUNNING“ three times a year (circulation 400,000 per issue), in which the

races of the member organisations are listed. In the newest issue,

September/December 2004, the dates for the races until December 2005 are


"5" />200 races from 73 countries

AIMS represents 200 races from 73 countries on every continent. On 90 pages,

the largest races in the world also advertise for their events. The real,-

BERLIN-MARATHON and the Bewag BERLIN HALF MARATHON are represented as always

with a full-page ad. For marathon freaks, the pages full of colourful ads will

make their mouths water in anticipation of the interesting worldwide running


1000 steps

The latest edition of "Distance Running" appears with a cover photo

of the "Great Wall Marathon" in China, the race with 1000


The results of races around the world are illustrated with current photos.

The Olympic Games in Athens in 2004 are also presented in the magazine, as well

as are reports from completely unfamiliar races like the Mauritius Marathon, or

the Edinburgh or Edmonton Marathons, as well as from the ultra scene.


Also included are the current rankings of fastest times for the 10 km, the half

marathon and the marathon, as well as the addresses and contact persons for the

individual races in the diverse countries.

Limited copies of Distance Running are distributed free of charge at the

AIMS member races, or one can purchase a subscription at:

It can also be downloaded as PDF file at: