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Excellent successes for SCC RUNNING

For the running year 2003 in Berlin, to our great pleasure almost all of the

races showed an increase in number of participants. Numerous event organisers

had to restrict participation to assure a smooth organisation. The enthusiasm

for running in Berlin continues-both outside of any formal organisation (just

having fun moving and the health aspects play a key role) and at the numerous

races organised in Berlin for the general public by the clubs.

Ranking of the Berlin Races 2003

1. 30th real,- BERLIN MARATHON (SCC)48,424 Runners
2. 23rd Bewag BERLIN HALF MARATHON (SCC)17,692 Runners
3. 20th Berlin Breakfast Run (SCC)11,000 Runners
4. AVON RUNNING 20th Women’s Run (SCC)10,528 Runners
5. 4th Berlin 5 x 5 km TEAM Relay (SCC)7,236 Runners
6. 12th Bewag City Night (SCC)7,044 Runners
7. 25 km of Berlin (BLV)6,809 Runners
8. 15th real,- MINI MARATHON (SCC)6,732 Runners
9. 32nd Berlin New Year’s Run (SCC)3,500 Runners
10. 27th campina Street Race ”The Dress Rehearsal” (SCC)2,861 Runners
11. 11th Berlin Marathon Relay (SCC)2,643 Runners
12. 2nd Company Run (Tegeler Forst)1,604 Runners
13. 40th Berlin Cross Country Run (SCC)1,576 Runners
14. 5th Mercedes Benz Half Marathon (VfL Tegel)1,518 Runners
15. 1st Berlin Training Run 30 km (SCC)1,068 Runners
16. 13th Havel Run (limited) (Post SV)935 Runners

Not yet included in the Berlin Ranking 2003 is the 28th Berlin New

Year’s Eve Run by SCC RUNNING on December 31, 2003 (last year: 1,908


6 of the races listed above by SCC RUNNING are the largest of their kind in



The SCC Running Results 2003 Great increase compared to last


January 1, 2003 32nd Berlin New Year’s Charity Run for UNICEF3,500 Runners
January 18, 2003 25th Berlin Team-Marathon249 Runners
April 6, 2003 23rd Bewag BERLIN HALF MARATHON17,692 Runners
April 20, 2003 3rd Berlin Easter Bunny Run122 Runners
May 24, 2003 20th AVON RUNNING Women’s Run10,528 Runners
May 30, 2003 1st Ecumenical Charity Run for UNICEF486 Runners
June 25, 2003 4th Berlin 5 x 5 km TEAM-Relay7,236 Runners
August 9, 2003 12th City Night on the Ku-Damm7,044 Runners
August 24, 2003 27th campina Street Race „The Dress Rehearsal“2,861 Runners
August 31, 2003 1st Berlin Training Run 30km1,068 Runners
September 27, 2003 19th Berlin Breakfast Run11,000 Runners
September 27, 2003 4th Bambini Run383 Runners
September 28, 2003 15th real,- MINI MARATHON6,732 Runners
September 28, 2003 30th real,- BERLIN-MARATHON48,424 Runners
November 9, 2003 40th Berlin Cross Country Run1,576 Runners
November 16, 2003 11th Berlin Marathon Relay2,643 Runners
TOTAL121.544 Runners

Not yet included in the SCC RUNNING Results 2003 is the 28th Berlin Pilsner New

Year’s Eve Run on December 31, 2003 (last year: 1,908 runners).

Anniversary year for the women’s run, MARATHON and Cross

Country Run add new impulses

Compared to last year, the organisers were pleased with another great increase

in participation, a total of 121,544 participants. Last year, a total of

108,848 runners participated in all of the races organised by SCC


“With this number of participants for a single year, SCC RUNNING is by

far the largest running event organiser in Germany,“ commented Horst

Milde, the head of the successful series of running events. “Through the

anniversary year with the 20th AVON Berlin Women’s Run, the 30th real,-

BERLIN MARATHON and the 40th Berlin Cross Country Run, the organisational team

from SCC RUNNING achieved excellent results for which they can be proud.”

In addition, SCC RUNNING organises numerous opportunities to train throughout

the year - also in cooperation with the RBB Running Movement - which animate

the Berliners to run, walk, and participate. The motto “RUN BERLIN

RUN“ keeps the city moving and gives new impulses.

Unique Success Story

From 1964 - November 16, 2003 with a total 343 events

organised by SCC RUNNING,

1,261,876 runners have participated.

That is a unique success story in Germany.

3 more events until the New Year with SCC RUNNING

December 26, 2003 5th Berlin Goose Dinner Annihilation Run „The ultimate

Recuperation Run in the Grunewald Forest“

December 31, 2003 28th Berlin New Year’s Eve Run ”The Jelly Donut


January 1, 2004 33rd Berliner New Year’s Run - The Charity Run for