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International Runners Magazine - “Distance Running“ and the AIMS races around the world

AIMS (Association of International Marathon and Road Races) and the

IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) publish the

information and results of races organised by its members quarterly in

the publication “Distance Running”.

In the most recent issue for April - June 2004 (with a circulation of 400,000), the race events until June 2006 are listed.

70 countries representing

AIMS represents  205 races from 70 countries from all around the world.

Throughout the 78 pages, the greatest races in the world advertise for

their events. As always, the real,- BERLIN MARATHON and the Bewag

BERLIN HALF MARATHON are listed with a whole page advertisement.

The multi-coloured ads may make mouths of marathon tourists water for

the newest running adventures offered all around the world.


The Lahore Marathon in Pakistan, the Kathmandu Marathon  ...

The newest issue appears with the 100 km Race in the Sahara in

Tunisia on its cover.  The results of the races around the world

are enhanced with current photos, and there are also reports on fully

unknown races like the Lahore Marathon in Pakistan, the Kathmandu

Marathon in Nepal, and the Kilimanjaro Marathon in Tanzania—all races

in countries where the sport of running still has to be better

established and promoted. The development of running in South America,

like in Argentina and Brazil, is also a topic in the AIMS trade

magazine, as well as reports from the ultra scene.

The current list of best times for the 10 km, half marathon, and

marathon also are included, as well as the addresses and contact

persons for each race in the various countries.

The Distance Running magazine will be distributed to the

participants of the 32nd real,- BERLIN-MARATHON on September 24/25,

2005 with their race materials at the BERLIN VITAL Fair (Fall).