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IOC Member Thomas Bach and ICSSPE President: Sports should support Reconstruction in flooded Areas of Southeast Asia

Having seen the flood disaster in Southeast Asia and looking towards the upcoming international sports and development conference, IOC member Thomas Bach and ICSSPE President Gudrun Doll-Tepper declare: "With the means of physical rehabilitation and the treatment of posttraumatic symptoms sports can help to strengthen people again and to overcome lack of prospects."

How the Sport can contribute to the reconstruction of destroyed areas in Southeast Asia

Representatives in the field of sport have to find an answer to the question how they can contribute to the reconstruction of destroyed areas in Southeast Asia and how they can optimise international cooperation in general. On the occasion of the International Year of Sport and Physical Education, the Evangelische Akademie Bad Boll, Germany, and the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education, in cooperation with the German Sports Confederation (DSB) and the National Olympic Committee for Germany (NOK), are organising an international conference to analyse and discuss how sport can contribute to development and where help reaches its boundaries due to economical or cultural reasons.

Conference in Bad Boll

The conference will take place from 13th - 15th February, 2005, in Bad Boll, Germany. Participants, among many others, are Secretary of State Ute Vogt, Germany, DSB Vice President Christa Thiel, NOK Vice President Dr. Clemens Prokop (DLV), UN Special Advisor Adolf Ogi, Football referee Markus Merk, representatives of churches and Attac. Well known sport scientists like Roland Renson, Joseph Maguire and Colin Higgs, development project teams and media representatives will attend as well.

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