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Kenenisa Bekeles fiancee, Alem Techale, dies during morning training.

17 year old Alem Techale, the fiancée of Olympic Champion Kenenisa

Bekele, died this morning during a training session.

Techale, the 1500m World Youth Champion in 2003 was training with Kenenisa

Bekele in Ararat, a forest in a hilly area on the outskirts of Addis Abeba.

Techale suddenly collapsed and Kenenisa Bekele immidiately carried her to his

car. On their way to hospital, Alem Techale passed away.

Bekele and Techale have been living together for about a year and were

engaged. They had planned to get married on the 8th of May in Addis


The funeral will be held in Arsela (ETH), the hometown of Alem Techale,

tomorrow Wednesday January 5.

Cards of sympathy can be send to:

Kenenisa Bekele

P/a Snelliusstraat 10

6533 NV Nijmegen

The Netherlands