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Pacemakers to guide you through the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON 2002

The best strategy for success in a marathon is „even Steven“. The

pace should be constant through the whole race, so that negative splits are

avoided. At least, this is true for reasonably flat courses, since the ups and

downs of some others may neither allow nor recommend an even pace. Berlin,

though, will pose no problem whatsoever in this department: Our course is flat

as a pan.

Still, the marathon organisers from SCC-RUNNING, given the positive

experience from previous years, offer an extra service for all those who may

want a little help in their quest for a new personal best. This popular pacing

service has become well-known under the term “Zug- und

Bremsläufer”. You can easily spot these selected pacemakers in the

start area on “Straße des 17. Juni“ by their eye-catching

bib, T-shirt and large, coloured balloons. Their job is to guide you through a

one-hundred percent even-paced marathon, mile by mile, although wind conditions

may account for small variations over some passages. In principle, however, the

pacers will strictly adhere to their time schedule.

We will provide pacemakers for the following finish times: Sub-3 hours

(2:59:59 pace), sub-3:15 (3:14:59), sub-3:30 (3:29:59), sub-4 hours (3:59:59)

and sub-5 hours (4:59:59). The scheduled finish time will be displayed on the

balloons to be taken along by each pacemaker until the 10k mark, at least.

There is no need to specially register in advance, if you wish to join one

of the paced packs – just find your place near the pacemaker for your

sought finish time in the respective section of the starting line-up.

John Kunkeler

Organising staff,