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Press Conference Highlights

Mark Milde , race director real,- BERLIN-MARATHON


are happy that the 32. edition went through without complications. We

had a new course record, Asian- and Japanese record by Mizuki Noguchi.

But we also had three world records. First was the world record for

blind runners by Regina Vollbrecht from Germany . Then we are happy to

announce two world records by Mizuki Noguchi. She ran a new road race

world record at 25 k as well as 30 k. We are very happy about that!”



Noguchi, winner of real,- BERLIN-MARATHON and world record holder at 25

and 30 k and new course record holder as well as Asian- and Japanese

record holder

„Yesterday I couldn’t realize what I did. This morning when I had a run I just started to realize what I have done yesterday.“


didn’t know about the 25 k world record until this morning. I realized

during the race that I broke the 30 k world record, because my personal

best for 30 k was 1:39:09 . I don’t know if I can be happy about it,

because I know that Paula Radcliffe already had run faster. May be I

was lucky to have run the BERLIN MARATHON.”


Philip Manyim, winner of real,- BERLIN-MARATHON


one day after the race, I feel okay. Sure here and there I have some

pain, but that is normal after a marathon. Yesterday right after the

race I called my family and they were very happy about my victory. Some

training colleagues went to Eldoret to watch it live on TV. The victory

at the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON opened new doors for me to run at other

big marathon races.“