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RUN BERLIN RUN - The Running Magazine 2003 for Berlin

Although the running season already has begun for SCC-RUNNING with its New

Years Day run on January 1, 2003 and the 25th Berlin Team Marathon on January

18, the big classic races organised by SCC-RUNNING all lie ahead; starting with

the 23rd Bewag BERLIN HALF MARATHON on April 6th, a total of 12 races are

planned for the year.

The "Running Magazine 2003", with all dates and invitations for

the races, is out in time for the Berlin running community to get ready for the

running year 2003. With the motto "Movement-Fitness-Experience" and a

peppy appearance, SCC- RUNNING hopes to animate further segments of the

population with the running magazine to begin jogging, skating, or walking.

"We hope to reach the entire family with our races, and to thus lay a

foundation for movement and good health through this motivating

experience", commented Horst Milde and Eberhard Wagemann.

55,000 copies

of the magazine were published. It will be distributed directly to over 30,000

regular participants in Berlin and Brandenburg. The well-liked running magazine

will thus assist in making running even more popular. In 2002, the races by

SCC-RUNNING attracted 108.848 active participants, a number that can still be

beat. The anniversary year "20 years Womens Run - 30 years BERLIN-MARATHON

- 40 years Berlin Cross Country Race" means that further increases in

participation are inevitable.

The "Running Magazine 2003", with 76 pages of compact information

and the official invitations to the SCC-RUNNING events, numerous options for

training, the SFB Running Movement, the topics of the sport forum and sport

medicine, statistics, course maps, many photos and ads/dates of other races, is

one of the most important references and resources, a "bible" for the

Berlin running and skating community.

All of the dates of the German Road Races (GRR) are included, as well as the

races for youth, school kids, and bambinis in cooperation with the

Senatsverwaltung für Schulsport und Bewegungserziehung (Senate

Administration for School Sport and Physical Education).

The "Running Magazine 2003" is available at the marathon race

office, Glockenturmstraße 23, 14055 Berlin. All registration forms are

also available on the internet at

The magazine is only available in German. Information in English is

available on the internet for the AVON RUNNING 20th Berlin Womens Run, the 23rd