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Runners' story (3): my way to Berlin


I will

particiapte at the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON for the first time together with my

wife. Back home, in Japan, I usually run

two or three marathons a year. But the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON is my first

marathon abroad. My wife just started training this year. I hope we can reach

the finish together, although my wife is a beginner. 


hobbies are running, piano playing, learning German, watching soccer matches,

drinking beer and learning a lot about Germany. This September

it will be already my eighth time in Germany.

At the

32. real,- BERLIN-MARATHON I want to learn and experience more about Germany-

not only as a tourist or spectator, but as a participant! I hope to have an

unforgettable day with other German athletes and runners from all over the

world. I am looking forward to the Marathon Party as well, as it will be

certainly funny there. 

I am so

excited to come to Berlin!!

Keisuke Suzuki