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UNITED WE RUN - Berlin at the NYC Marathon

The 25x40 metre big banner, labeled with "UNITED WE RUN" had been

unfolded over the heads of the runners of the 28th real,- BERLIN-MARATHON -

last sunday on Nov 4th at the New York City Marathon the banner was also

present - carried by more than 50 race directors from all over the world to the

starting area of the marathon.

Because of the strong winds at the Verrazano Narrows-Bridge New Yorks race

director Allan Steinfeld decided that the banner could not be carried by the

runners on the bridge. The international race directors helped to put the

banner, sponsored by Germanys BEWAG, on the ground next to the runners, so that

it could also be filmed by helicopters for the TV coverage.

Vic Navarra, Start Coordinator of the Marathon and a fire fighter from New

York, who lost 10 colleagues of his brigade prepared this event.

Ascending white doves, the surrounding music and the whole atmosphere were

heart rending and made most of the participants cry.

The real,- BERLIN-MARATHON Team had been at the marathon expo in the huge

Jacob Javits Convention Center with its own booth and advertised for the 29th

real,- BERLIN-MARATHONon September 29th, 2002.

Many of the visitors at the Berlin booth thanked the team around Horst Milde

for being in New York at this time and for the support that the Germans


On Saturday before the breakfast run, the Berlin Team handed over a cheque

about DM 65,000 (around $30.000) to two officials of the NYFD. The money had

been donated by the participants of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON for the

survivors of the terrorist attacks and the relatives of the fire fighters and

police officers that had died in the World Trade Center attack.