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Vattenfall - Women and health

During the recent years, Vattenfall has grown from being a Swedish energy

company to become one of the larger European energy corporations - the

Vattenfall Group. Vattenfall is today mainly operating in Germany, Sweden,

Poland and Finland. The number of employees is 34,000, whereof about 22,000

employees are working in Germany. A lot of efforts and work have been done

– and is to be done - to create one company with the same core values and

company philosophy, though with respect for cultural differences.

In order to

particularly set the female topic on the agenda, Vattenfall has organised an

internal international congress for women in Berlin the 23rd of May. The

purpose of the congress is to embrace Vattenfalls new core values as well as

female career and cross-cultural questions in both workshops and in speeches by

special invited speakers. Another important purpose with the congress is to put

the light on the individuals health versus the hectic working life of today,

and how to prevent and deal with stress related conditions. As a further

activity within the field of health, our congress participants will also take

part in the Berlin Womens Race. This means, that around 160 female Vattenfall

employees will run the 10 km in Berlin.

We also see this congress and the Berlin Womens Race as the beginning of a

female international network within the company in order to continue and help

the integration process between our different companies and people in the

Vattenfall Group.

Tomas Sjulander

Responsible Diversity

Vattenfall Group Function Human Resources