Press Conference Highlights, Yoko Shibui - Thursday, September, 23rd 2004

Yoko Shibui, Top Marathon runner from Japan

On the question if she is in shape for a time under 2:20 h?

“Yes, I think I can do it. The weather is okay, only the wind should

not blow too much.”

Preparation for the Marathon in Kunming, China (high altitude training


“I trained very well in China and had quite good results. About times

I don’t want to talk. Also I can not say what mileage I ran there. My

longest training unit was about 40 km but time will be my secret, like I said

before.” With whom she had trained in China and did she once trained with

Naoko Takahashi?

“In China I have trained with my training colleague Reiko Tosa who

reached a fifth place at the Olympics in Athens. I never trained with Takahashi


How long do you sleep in average, because Paula Radcliffe the world record

holder sleeps about 12 hours a day?

“I only sleep 6 hours a day.”

Do you think you can attack the Course record from Naoko Takahashi (2001


“I don’t think much about times and records. I don’t put

to much pressure on myself and I just run as fast as I can.”

How are the conditions at the real,- BERLIN MARATHON?

“The course is flat and with only a few curves. Therefore it is a

really fast and easy course. Furthermore it is a wonderful route.”

Do you have high profile in Japan?

“No, I am a normal person there. A lot of people are running the

marathon in Japan. Maybe it will change when I run a good time – and I

think this is possible!”

Do you have ever seen the real,- BERLIN MARATHON in Japanese live


“No, or well yes last year I have seen it but I fell asleep during the

race. And now I should revise my answer to the question about my sleeping

habit. When I think well I sleep more than 6 hours a day.”

On the question if in the near future the difference between the Japanese

and Paula Radcliffe can be reduced (gap to world record of Radcliffe)?

“I think in the moment it is not possible to reach this time. But

still I try to get closer. In the next years it could be possible.”

Suzuki Hideo, Coach from Yoko Shibui

What do you think your athletes can achieve on Sunday at the real,- BERLIN


“I think Shibui is in a great shape and I would be happy if she can

run the course record. But the wind should not blow too much.”

How long do you think does it take for the Japanese to reach the world


„I think that can take a long time. It is difficult in the moment.

Shibui is very young. Maybe in a few years when she continues training that


Were you surprised about the Japanese triumph and your athlete, Reiko Tosa,

who got the fifth place in Athens?

“No, I was not. We have often the same conditions in Japan in

training. The hot weather and the hilly course was nothing special.”

Why do you have chosen the real,- BERLIN MARATHON for Shibui?

“Like Yoko said before, Berlin has a great course. It is flat and only

some curves. The weather is mostly good. I could also have chosen Chicago, but

here she has a special motivation. Naoko Takahashi got the world record here in

the year 2001 (2:19:46) – now it would be great if she could beat this