"The “Cult Run”- One more week until the 31st real,- BERLIN MARATHON

The tradition - The “Cult Run”- one week beforehand One week before

the 31st real,- BERLIN MARATHON, on Sunday, September 19, 2004, the traditional

“Cult Run” and remembrance run will be jogged on the original

marathon course from 1974, parallel to the Avus highway! The start is at 9 a.m.

at the same spot where it was started in 1974 at Waldschulallee 80 in

Charlottenburg near Mommsen Stadium. Horst Milde, who called the BERLIN

MARATHON into life 30 years ago, will sound the starting shot as is tradition.

286 ran in 1974 - 244 made it to the finish.

In 1974, 286 courageous runners started off, 244 made it to the finish in

front of the Mommsen Stadium. The female winner in 1974 was Jutta von Haase (LG

Süd) in 3.22:01. Only 10 women participated in this first Berlin

People’s Marathon by SCC. The male champion was Günter Hallas (LG

Nord), in a time of 2:44:53.

A moderate pace with Bernd Hübner and John Kunkeler on


On Sunday at the “Cult Run”, regardless of the weather between

17 and 21 kilometres will be run at a moderate pace in various groups. Of

course the marathon guru Bernd Hübner will be there at this “Cult

Run”, setting the pace at the front together with John Kunkeler.

In 1974, Bernd Hübner, a rower (BRC Brandenburgia), came in 72nd in

3:38:06. He has finished every BERLIN MARATHON since then, and with 30 BERLIN

MARATHON races behind him, he is the singular record holder of the BERLIN

MARATHON Jubilee Clubs; for the women Christl Heine leads with 22 times


Cake after the “oxygen recuperation run”—just come

and participate!

Last year 220 runners participated in the “Cult Run”. The

“oxygen recuperation run” is followed by homemade cake in jovial

company in front of the Mommsen Stadium. Anyone can participate, no

registration is necessary.