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A must-do to #beatberlin42: The long jog

The unfamous Long-Jog, run in an easy pace, is the most important training element when you are preparing for a marathon. The principle here is “LSD” (Long Slow Distance), which is needed in order to train your lipometabolism: the goal is to simulate and thus prepare the body for the moment when it shifts its “metabolism concept” from using (primarily) glycogen (stored sugar reserves) to (increasingly) burning fat, which happens after two or three hours of exertion. For the marathon, this is well known as “Hitting the Wall”.
Especially for mid-weight and heavier runners, the long jog means considerable stress on your muscles and requires a longer regeneration period than is possible with a weekly programme. Within the framework of a three-month preparation period for a marathon is suffices to do a long jog a maximum of five to six times. The pace should aways be one that allows you to be able to talk comfortably while running.


How long? Experts recommend setting the length of the Long-Jog according to time, not distance. For marathon newbies, it is recommended to increase the duration from run to run; for instance, start out with 1:45 hours and then increase the time to a maximum of 3 hours. It is not recommended to run longer than 3 hours, as that causes enough orthopaedic strain. The last long jog should take place three weeks before the marathon. Experienced runners who can complete a marathon in 3 hours or less, can do their last Long-Jog up to two weeks before the marathon.

A motivational music playlist makes running more pleasant. On Spotify and Youtube, you can now tune into a #beatberlin42 Long Run Playlist that compiles suggestions from BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Facebook Fans.

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