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At least 9,150 runners overtaken during the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON

A performance which could well qualify for the Guinness Book of Records was

achieved by Terefe Yae and Shimeles Molla during the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON on

26th September. It turned out during the analysis of the results that the two

Ethiopians have overtaken at least 9,150 runners during the 42,195 k race.

They entered the wrong start-section

As elite athletes Terefe Yae and Shimeles Molla should have started in the

first of three starting sections and right at the front. But somehow they

entered the wrong section and because of this had thousands of runners in front

of them. They had to make their way through the large field of fun runners

before they could finally run their own constant pace.

Still they finished surprisingly well:

Terefe Yae was 26th in a time of 2:17:29 while Shimeles Molla crossed

the line just four seconds behind for 27th place.

5 k sections with 15:10 and 15:14

Running like in a slalom during the first part of the race has cost them at

least four minutes and plenty of energy. It took them 19:11 minutes to reach

the 5 k mark, they then passed 10 k in 35:05. For the next two 5 k sections

they were timed with 15:10 and 15:14 minutes. It would probably have been that

sort of pace that they would have normally run during the first 10 k as


During the second part of the race they slowed a bit.