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Inline skaters can now register online

At the stroke of the new year on Wednesday, January 1, 2003, the online

reg-istration for skaters for the Inline Skate Marathon Berlin 2003 was opened.

The first registration for the inline competition 2003 was received by the

or-ganisers of SCC RUNNING only six minutes into the new year.

It continued on sensationally: Within a few hours, 290 inline skaters had

registered on New Year’s Day for the largest inline marathon in the


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Through the new division of the 30th real,- BERLIN-MARATHON with the

skat-ers and runners competing on two separate days, both sports will now gain

their own significance and importance.

On Saturday afternoon, September 27, 12,000 skaters will start their race on

the quick Berlin track, while the runners will be able to celebrate the

anniver-sary of the race on Sunday, September 28, at a new finish on the

boulevard Straße des 17. Juni, not far from the Brandenburg Gate.

The planned changes were met with great approval and manifold positive

re-sponse from all sides when they were announced at the SCC RUNNING press

conference about the anniversary marathon in September.