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Last days before the 28. real,- BERLIN-MARATHON

Since a couple of months you prepare for the 30th of september, either for the

first time or with a lot of routine. To begin with: To be nervous is quite

normal, for "first- timers" as well as for many- time- finishers.

Some want to improve and reach a new personal best time, others just want to

finish. There are a number of questions: Did I prepare right? Will my power

long for 42,195 kilometers?

When you hear the startsignal, every thought will be forgotten. Maybe you

spoke to friends about the race during the last weeks, read special running

magazines or did a test of your fitness level. Now its only: Lets go! You can

smell the adrenaline among the runners, everybody looks for his planned way of

reaching the personal goal. And we will be at the side of the streets or on our

bikes to be there for you , hoping everybody gets to the finishline without

major problems.

But what we can tell you before the start to help, you can see below: 9

golden rules for a healthy and succesfull 28. real,- BERLIN-MARATHON

Rule 1

You have a cold, don feel healthy- take your body temperature: Is it higher

than normal? In the morning before you get up test your heart rate: Is it

higher than normal (6-8 beats)? Than go to a doctor to get an examination and

blood sample.

Right now we have a wave of infects - everybody can have it. If your doctor

recommends you to stop running, be smart and don start! These are the real

winners, even if its hard!

If you feel ill after coming to Berlin, you find the possibility to come to

our sports medicine point at the expo where you get your running number: We can

make an examination and a blood test within three hours.

Rule 2

Don wear new shoes- You should have worn your racing shoes at least 2 months

before the marathon to prevent yourself from blisters, which forced quite a

number of runners to stop in the marathon.

Rule 3

Running gear etc. : Wear special running shirts and shorts which will provide

perfect regulation of body temperature. Use special running socks that are made

especially for such a situation and which will protect your feet. Use special

grease or ointment like bepanthen at toes, inner side of thighs and armpits and

cover your nipple with plaster for protection.

Rule 4

Eat and drink: The well known carboloading before a marathon is a must for

every runner. Start 8 days before the race to eat more carbohydrates. Don use

special "diets" which are often not scientifically based. No

experiments : Use a preparation you tried a couple of times before. And look

for your water balance: Don loose fluids before a marathon! In the morning

there exist a number of "secret advices": Eat what you are used to

and what you like- but it should be easy to digest - like a roll with honey.

Its to late for vitamine supplementation, which should be taken regularly. Very

important: Don take single concentrated glucose.

The same counts during the race: If you take carbohydrates, than take what

you have tested before. Sometimes problems with the stomach force runners to

stop! One thing is extremely important: Drink, drink, drink.

On our stage of events at the Sports and Health- Expo we have a number of

well- known nutrition experts. They inform you about newest facts and will be

glad to answer your questions at our sports medicine point at the expo.

Rule 5

Running speed: Be realistic. Your long runs seldom go beyond 30 kilometers- in

the marathon there are still 12,195 to go. Your metabolism can change rapidly.

To start too fast can end in a desaster. Many runners know the feeling to be

totally "empty" from one second to the next. There is nothing that

can be done in such a situation. Once your reservoirs are empty they stay like


If you run with a heart rate monitor it is important to know your time for

1000 meters. Because before the start your heart rate usually is higher than

normal, there can be a number of disorders because other monitors among the

thousands of runners and several things in a big city can influence the

function of your monitor. So measure your time for 1000 meters at your perfect

heart rate during your training to have a help during the marathon.

Run in a steady speed and don sprint. You have to be trained to reach a

group running 400 meters in front of you! So this is nothing for beginners!

Rule 6

Problems during the race: If you feel sick, have pain or heart problems don

come to a sudden stop but keep on moving slowly. There are thousands of

spectators in the streets who you can call to get help by calling the First

aid. There are a lot of medical teams along the race course who will be ready

to help. Be reasonable: There are a lot of marathons you can run: To be

responsible for you and your body is much more important than to finish this


If you already have certain diseases please let us know before the race and

document them as well as the medicine you might take on the back of your race

number. This will help us to treat you right and react fast!

Rule 7

No sprint in the end! This is something for the marathon winner: After 40 k you

aren fresh and there is hardly a chance to improve your finish- time. This is

the point of the biggest danger during a marathon! Even if you see the

finshline and spectators cheer a lot, it is good to see you crossing the line

relaxed and easy with keeping the same speed as during the whole run.

Rule 8

After the finish: Don stop immediatly! Your heart and circulation isn adapted

to this rhythm. Keep on moving slowly and use our services: First aid,

blankets, food and drinks and in the end a relaxing massage. This will provide

a perfect cool- down for your body as well as your soul.

Rule 9

Regeneration: Take a long shower or a bath. Eat a lot of carbohydrates during

the first 2 hours after the run. This helps to regenerate. "You made

it"! But be carefull: Your body and every single body cellstructure needs

at least 6 weeks to come back to the full level of fitness. During this time

you shouldn run long distances or high intensities.

The Medical Team of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON wishes every participant a

personal success.

The healthservice and first aid at the Sports and Health Expo is open for

every participant. If you are interested in the events on our stage: have a

look at the homepage of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON where you can see the

contents and timetable.


real,- BERLIN-MARATHON Medical Team

For questions: