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MY JOURNEY - The Königs have given each other marathon fever

It all began a little over four years ago. Father Dieter (now 55) had to keep himself fit for his work. As a policeman, he regularly ran 5K, and he inspired his son, Tomm, now 26, to add running to his fitness regime that already included going to the gym. So, of course, junior became ambitious, and in 2011, he ran the Berlin Marathon for the first time. Father Dieter raced across the city on the subway to reach him at various spots along the course to replenish his supplies. And to cheer him on too, of course. Tomm euphorically reached the finish in 4:46.

 Then the father caught the fever and he started really training, and a year later he entered the marathon with his son and finished in exactly the same time as Tomm had the previous year, in 4:46, while Tomm finished in 3:40!

 In 2013, the two naturally participated again: the father finishing with a time of 4:18 and the son in 3:21. This time the whole gang from North Rhine Westfalia came along to Berlin: friends and sisters, they were all there.

 Father Dieter was proud to run the Mauritius Marathon this past July, together with the women’s champion of the BMW Marathon in Frankfurt, Eva Offermann. Family Königs is delighted to be back in Berlin in September to run. Next year their daughter-in-law, Jacqueline (21), will also be participating. None of them will recover from marathon fever any time soon.