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Pacemakers at the 31st real,- BERLIN-MARATHON 2004

We are publishing this notice in English as well, even though it is

directed at the “local“ runners in Berlin, in order to let everyone

know that this running service is offered at the real,- BERLIN MARATHON.

Interested runners of all nationalities can take advantage of this opportunity

to to help them achieve their desired times!

In the past few years the organisers of the real,- BERLIN MARATHON have

sought out experienced marathon runners to help the “less

experienced“ runners and beginners to achieve their desired times...or to

cross the finish under a certain time.

Again this year we are looking for experienced runners who would like to do

a good deed and fulfil this honorary duty.

The following “desired finishing times” are still


3:00 hours

3:30 hours

4:00 hours

4:30 hours

5:00 hours

You are certain to be in the eye of the media!

Your race number and identification (shirt and balloon) will be supplied by

the organiser.

We need your full name, address, age, chip number and current best


Applications should be submitted asap to the long-time head of the pacemaker

project, John Kunkeler.

Telephone: 0177 344 6226

Fax: 0049 30 / 440 430 68

or by email: