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Real Time Tracking on 8 wheels

At the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON for Inline Skaters, Tim Pritlove will be at the

start amongst 9.500 starters. His last competition in a marathon was 8 years

ago - for this years race he has set two personal goals: "Reach the finish

and if possible race the 42.195 k in less than 2 hours"

Tim Pritlove will carry a small device. A Benefon GSM/GPS phone will

transmit his current position during the race to the internet and visitors of

his website can track Tim in real time, see his current speed and the split

times. Tim is member of the Chaos Computer Club, and responsible for organising

the annual Chaos Communication Congress.

An interesting project for which Tim had been the project leader was

Blinkenlights in the city of Berlin. The famous "Haus des Lehrers"

(house of the teacher) office building at Berlin Alexanderplatz has been

enhanced to become worlds biggest interactive computer display The upper eight

floors of the building were transformed in to a huge display by arranging 144

lamps behind the buildings front windows.

During the night, a constantly growing number of animations could be seen.

But there was an interactive component as well: you were able to play the old

arcade classic Pong on the building using your mobile phone and you could place

your own loveletters on the screen as well.

We wish Tim all the best for his marathon and will track him live on his