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US-Marathonstar Deena Drossin: „I felt like a rock star”

Deena Drossin, who ran to a sensational bronze medal in the Olympic Marathon,

explained what happened after her triumph during a press conference in Athens.

“I went to a small village with my family – I have no idea where I

was, sorry I can not tell you. We went to a very nice restaurant to celebrate

my medal and had a great Greek dinner. When I entered the restaurant I got

standing ovations”, Deena Drossin recalled. She had won the first US

marathon medal in the Olympics since Joan Benoit’s golden triumph in


“I felt like a rock star, photographers were arriving. Obviously

everyone had watched the marathon on TV and they all knew who I was”,

Deena Drossin, who had broken Joan Benoit’s US record in last

year’s London Marathon with a time of 2:21:16, said. “The owner of

the restaurant congratulated me and put a couple of bottles of wine on our