What is the Las Vegas Marathon?

The Las Vegas marathon is now in its 38th year and is the 17th oldest of all

continuously-held marathons in the world.

The weather is usually perfect for running with starting temperatures of

around 38 degrees F. (3 to 5 C.) and rising to 55 to 60 F. (13 to15 C.).degrees

by noontime. The air is dry and the courses are considered "very

fast" as they have a net elevation drop of 237 meters in the full marathon

and of 177 meters in the half marathon. Many hundreds of runners come each year

simply to qualify for the Boston Marathon on the fast marathon course.

Las Vegas participants come from all 50 of the United States and more than

30 countries. For 2004 we are expecting about 8,500 participants between the

events including more than 600 from 9 provinces of Canada.There will be around

50 runners from Germany and France and 150 or more from Great Britain.

Of course, there is the attraction of a visit to the "Entertainment

Capital of the World", Las Vegas. Come to experience our world-class

hotels and casinos, dining, shopping and entertainment as well as the beauty in

the desert southwest of the USA.

Withing a short driving distance of Las Vegas are the magnificent Grand

Canyon, the national parks of southern Utah and, of course, the beaches of

southern California.

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