Check list


from June until the race


Forgetfulness is widespread - even participants of the BMW BERLIN MARATHON are said to be affected by it sometimes. We collect tips for you every month. Here you will find the checklists from June to September. You can find the list of the current month on our Road 2 Berlin Legend page...

  • Planning and travel:

    Berlin trip planned?
     Visa, valid ID, necessary vaccinations?
    Arrival, hotel, transfers from hotel and start?
     BMW BERLIN-MARATHOM Inlineskating as an alternative for family & friends?
    Test- and training routes in Berlin 

    Planning the basics:

    Training plan ready? e.g. with our app expected to be available from the end of july
     Performance check? is everything going according to plan?
     Am I registered for the prepatatory races? e.g. Berlin Road Race - the Dress Rehearsal
    Countdown: App starts on July 4, with a training plan
    Am I healthy? Medical check-up-
    How about my shoes? Equipment check
     Creating JOYMOMENTS

  • Start training:

    Official BMW BERLIN-MARATHON app with training and motivation plans will be available in app stores in July
    Determine your target time (with the app). Does the training plan match your own performance level?
    Calculate heart rate zones. What is my maximum heart rate?
    Train basic endurance: 65 - 80 percent of maximum heart rate.
    Include stabilisation training - a strong upper body helps you run efficiently.
    Try out food, drink and competition food (e.g. MAURTEN). What do I tolerate best?
    Optimise equipment. Shoes not optimal after all? Then change them.
    Keep a training diary, which today is mostly done by the multi-sport watch.

    Stay cool:

    Don't panic. 12 weeks are enough - short breaks are allowed.
    Try it out without stress: practice training in heat or rain.
    Plan alternative endurance sports, e.g. cycling.
    Make sure you get enough sleep - it provides the best regeneration.
    Plan your first longer run at the end of July - don't miss the registration for the Dress Rehearsal "Die Generalprobe"(August 26) or other half marathon events in your region.
    Optimise equipment. Shoes not optimal after all? Then change.
    Always take a break if you have an infection or pain!
     Don't miss your JOYMOMENTS

  • hot phase of training:

     Recognize how far you've come.

     Pay attention to your body's signals. 

     Try positive self-talk. 

     Adapt the workout to you and the conditions. 

     Register for your prepatatory race - e.g. Berlin Road Race - the Dress Rehearsal

     Accept when things don't go your way. 

     Music always pushes - post your favorite songs here.

     You have eight weeks left. A dip in form happens. 

     Stop if you're injured or overworked.

     Breaks, good food and sleep are the best supporters.

     Imagine the trip to Berlin and crossing the finish line.