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This year, RUN FOR JOY to become a BERLIN LEGEND is all about "SUPERPOWER OF JOY". We want to prove that everyone has what it takes to finish the BMW BERLIN MARATHON and become a #berlinlegend. All it takes is our special skills, which we often use as a matter of course in everyday life, but don't transfer to running as naturally. Get inspired by our four protagonists and their personal superpowers with which they want to finish the BMW BERLIN MARATHON 2023.




In a race over 42.195 km, you have to constantly adapt to new conditions. As an actor, Tom's job is to slip into new roles, be flexible and adapt to a new setting every time. Tom shows this versatility not only on the film set, but also in the videos on his TikTok and Instagram channel. Knowing how to put this skill to work for you while running instantly makes the marathon feel much shorter.

Check it out here and let Tom's superpower convince you! 

tomboettcher | tomschoenwolf


Superpower: EXPERIENCE

For people like Mari, running is a fascination, a hobby, a profession. As a sports psychologist, she not only draws on a wealth of scientific experience but has also been on the starting line at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON several times. She knows the finisher feeling, but also knows how to deal with setbacks and is therefore an inspiration for all runners who can't get enough of running.

Check it out here and let Mari's superpower convince you! 




The marathon distance can be daunting, especially for novice runners. For dancer and creator Krizzl, that's no reason to shy away from the challenge. She always approaches new projects with the necessary respect and a large portion of courage. At the BMW BERLIN MARATHON, she can also build on attributes such as body tension, rhythm, and basic fitness from dancing.

Check it out here and let Krizzl’s superpower convince you! 

thekrizzl  |  thekrizzl



As the German record holder in the marathon distance, Amanal is the perfect fit for performance. He knows what it feels like to push yourself to the absolute limit of performance and can be an inspiration to all runners on how to approach a race and manage your pace as a professional. Amanal is running the record-breaking marathon course for the first time and is aiming for a new personal best at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON.

Check it out here and let Amanal's superpower convince you! 

 amanal_petros |  amanal_petros


Run a marathon with 3 months of preparation?  
Definitely a challenge, yet not an impossible one!

The basis is a solid training plan and the discipline to follow it.
Our amateurs Tom and Krizzl have found a coach for this at their side, who supports them and provides them with the necessary know-how.

Philipp Pflieger

Philipp Pflieger is a former professional marathon runner and multiple BMW BERLIN-MARATHON finisher. His marathon best time is 2:12:15 h.

With his expertise, he will be coaching Krizzl and Tom this year, who will be on the starting line of a marathon for the first time.
Together with them he has worked out a training plan to prepare them for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON in only 3 months.


The training plan is set, the running shoes are laced up and our two newbies are doing their best to integrate the runs into their daily routine.

You want to know how Tom and Krizzl are preparing and if they will make the marathon?
Then check back here regularly and stay up to date!

Our marathon newbies Krizzl and Tom are not only able to learn a lot from the experienced runners, but also inspire and motivate other marathoners with their skills and their approach to the race. Krizzl and Amanal met in Berlin in preparation for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON and immersed themselves in each other's world. In the process, they both discovered exciting parallels between dancing and running.

Find out here how Amanal does when learning a choreo and which tip he finally gives Krizzl on the way to the marathon:


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