Your user account

How to register?

Learn everything about your personal user account which is mandantory to register for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON.

How do I create an user account?

It is obligatory to have an user account to register for the event.

To create an user account click on Register. It is in the right corner below the login mask.

Make sure, that you fill in your personal data correctly since you are not able to change it afterwards.

Only persons of age are entitled to create and own an user account.

How do I verify my user account?

    • After you have created your user account you will receive an email to complete the registration. Please open your email mailbox via the same browser in another tab. Do not use a different program, app or browser to open the mailbox.
    • Click the link in the e-mail to verify your user account.

    You cannot click on the link?

    • Copy the whole link and enter it manually in the URL-line.

    • register again by clicking the Register button on
    • ou will be redirected to the verification page again, where you can manually enter your verification code (Verification Code). Do not close the screen window!
    • You find the five-digit code in the verification mail under the link.

  • It is no longer possible to log in with the login data from an mika:timing participant account. 

    In order to register for events from SCC EVENTS you have to create a new user account.

  • Please check the following requirements, in case your email address gets refused in the registration process:

    1. Make sure that the e-mail address is filled in correctly and repeated accordingly.
    2. An e-mail address can only be used once. It is not possible to register two user accounts with the same e-mail address.
    3. Please use a private e-mail address. It might happen that the e-mail address of your company, university or school gets blocked.

  • “The access code you entered is invalid. Please enter a valid code.”

     Make sure that you have entered the access code in identical spelling, including the hyphens and capital letters.

     Also make sure that the code does not contain any spaces before, after or in between itself.

    Something went wrong! This voucher code does not exist!

     You have entered the access code in the wrong field, at the end of the registration.


  • We recommend not using the internet explorer since it is no longer supported by Microsoft and errors may occur.

  • If you forgot your password you can reset it via the option 'Forgot your password?.

    Enter the same email address you used creating your user account. Afterwards you will receive an email with a link. Use this link to reset your password.

How do I register a minor?

Minors can only be registered via an user account of their legal guardian. During the registration for an event you'll be able to choose if you are about to register yourself or a minor.