Entry drawing results

Entry drawing results

Important Information at one Glance

Are you in for the 2020 BMW BERLIN-MARATHON?

We are using the entry drawing procedure for the 2020 BMW BERLIN-MARATHON as is common at other marathon events in the Abbott World Marathon Majors Series (AbbottWMM).

  Do you register as single runner, team or fast runner from October  first to October 31 on our registration website?

  Did you receive a conformation by email after your registration?

  Your registration was successful!

  From November 27to December 3 we will send an email with the results of the drawing.

If you did not receive this email until December 3, please:

  Check your spam folder.

  Search your name in the participant list on our website (online from December 4)

Use our contact form to reach out to our team

If you were not able to secure a race entry yet, that does not necessarily mean that it will not be possible to participate in the 42.195 km through Berlin.

Guaranteed race entries are offered by our official tour operators and charities. You can also select these option after the entry drawing has been completed and you are still in need of a race number.

Also on December 4, 2019 at 9 am (CET), an additional group of 1,000 race numbers is available for 190 Euros, of which 65 Euros will be donated to the RTL Charity Marathon. The amount of donations will be donated in full to a charity project for Berlin children.

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Are you in for 2020? You will get the answer by email from November 27 to December 3, 2019




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