Screening the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON on your display

The official BMW BERLIN-MARATHON App is now available for free download in the  App Stores for 2023.

 BMW BERLIN-MARATHON app installations from previous years should be uninstalled to ensure a smooth use of the new app in the following weeks. 


 Download für Android
Version: 2023.1.0.b23

 Download für iOS
Version: 2023.1.3


Download the latest version of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON App 2023 for free in the popular app stores and experience the marathon and all events around the race weekend on your display.

 Note:  BMW BERLIN-MARATHON app installations from previous years should be uninstalled to ensure smooth use of the new app in subsequent weeks.

 Download Android
Version: 2023.1.0.b23

 Download iOS
Version: 2023.1.3

Participant or Visitor

When you start the app for the first time, the selection between Participant and Visitor makes it easier for you to use the app.

For your login as participant, use the registration ID from your start card (SC:XXXX), which was sent to you by e-mail on September 07, 2023.

For the use as visitor you can start directly, you do not need any login data.


Split tracking & settings

Track yourself and other runners, let your selected supporters follow your race live or do without tracking via the app.

 Important: We do not work with GPS tracking, but an accurate projection of split times. Inline skaters cannot be tracked due to lower splits, but will be included in the live results.

  • For your login as participant use the registration ID from your start pass (SC:XXXX) and choose if you want to be tracked or not.

    Choose between the following options, which you can change until your race start:

    • Private: You do not want to be tracked.
    • Public: Everyone can follow your run via the live results list.
    • Restricted / Code: You decide who can follow your run via the live results list.  In this case, you will receive a code in the app when you log in. You can forward this code to your supporters so that they can follow your race live.

    As a supporter, you have received a tracking code from a race participant? Enter this code in their profile, activate the tracking and follow them live on the course and see exactly when they are where.

     Important: Activate your push notifications and know directly when your tracked participants arrive at the finsh line

Improved & new features

This year we are not only happy to present you a new layout of our app, but also want to shorten the waiting time until the BMW BERLIN MARATHON 2023 with these improved and new features and accompany you on your race weekend.

This year, in addition to the already introduced tracking, the following additional features are waiting for you:

    • Tracking: As a participant, manage your settings here, or as a visitor, enter the code you received and activate tracking.
    • Course: Familiarize yourself with the interactive route maps for runners and inline skaters with all KM points at a glance.
    • Search athletes: Find other participants or your favorites by entering first or last name or race number.
    • Results: Follow the live results of all disciplines (runners, inline skaters, handbiker, wheelchair users) during the race weekend.

    • #berlinlegend Cam: share your snapshots with the frames in the cool design of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2023 via social media and messanger services.
      Use #runforjoy #berlinlegend on Instagram and Facebook and share your experiences on and along the course with the international BMW BERLIN-MARATHON community and get celebrated!
    • #berlinlegend calculator: the individual feature forecasts your finisher time. 
    • Digital Event Bag: As a participant of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON, you can also take advantage of many exclusive offers this year.

    • All events: Overview of all events before and during the race weekend.
    • What´s on now?: Always stay up to date on which events are currently taking place.

    • MARATHON EXPO: Interactive hall plan, exhibitors at a glance, address, background information and admission requirements.
    • My favorites: your saved favorites at a glance.
    • Videos: Get the latest motivation boost with all the latest and previous BMW BERLIN-MARATHON impressions.
    • Facts & figures: Winners and participant numbers of the last BMW BERLIN-MARATHON, course and world records.
    • FAQ: Important information and details about the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2023.
    • Registration 2024: first information about the registration for 2024.
    • Sponsors & partners: See all our sponsores & partners who support us to make BMW BERLIN-MARATHON happen.