The official BMW BERLIN-MARATHON App 2022


Get all the facts about the official app for one of the world's biggest running and inline skating events: BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. Equipped with valuable information and improved features, it prepares all participants and spectators for the unforgettable race weekend.



Make sure you are using the latest version 2022. If you already have our app version from previous years installed on your device, please delete it and download the app version 2022 free of charge for iOS or android

Share your impressions with the worldwide BMW BERLIN MARATHON community on and along the course on our social networks. Use #berlinlegend on Instagram and Facebook and together let's take the atmosphere beyond the borders of Berlin and make the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON an unforgettable spectacle.

From July 2022 on, we will be adding more content and features to the app every week until the race weekend, so that you can be well-informed and top-prepared at the start line in September and become part of our history after your finish to thunderous applause as #berlinlegend.

Feel free to share your own impressions on and along the course via our social network channels. Use #berlinlegend to join the talk on Facebook and Instagram. Together, we carry the atmosphere beyond Berlin’s borders to make the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON a memorable spectacle.

Great features

Login & tracking

For your login as participant:in use the registration ID from your start pass (SC:XXXX) and experience and choose in the settings if you want to be tracked or not.
Choose between the following options, which you can use until the start of your race:

  • Private: You do not want to be tracked.
  • Public: Everyone can follow your run via the live results list.
  • Restricted: You decide who can follow your run via the live results list.  In this case, you will receive a code in the app when you log in. You can then forward this code to your supporters. Important:

Important: When logging in as a visitor, you do not need a login.


  • your saved favourites, search for participants and find dates at a glance.


  • Get familiar with the interactive maps for runners and skaters with all KM points at a glance.

#berlinlegend Tools

  • Final preparation: Our medical team has put together varied training units for the final weeks, especially for marathon beginners, but also for experienced runners.
  • #berlinlegend forecast: the individual feature forecasts your finishing time
  • #berlinlegend Cam: share your snapshots with the frames in the cool design of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2022 via social media and messaging services.


  • MARATHON EXPO Berlin: address, background information and admission requirements. 
  • Watch videos: Get the final motivation boost with all the 
  • Facts & Figures: Winners:inside of the last BMW BERLIN MARATHON, course and world records.

Latest version of the app

  • You already have the official BMW BERLIN-MARATHON app on your device?
    After updating your app version, all features will be fully available to you. If you still cannot use some of the features, please delete the app from your device and then reinstall it.
  • You don't have the app on your device? Download the app free of charge for your iOS or Android device.
  • Login is not necessary or possible at this time.